Medical Coding Services

Medical Coding

At Chase, our commitment to providing accurate medical coding is unparalleled. We help healthcare providers increase cash flow by reducing lag days and improving claims submission.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Chase Transcriptions is dedicated to providing the most cutting edge technology in medical transcription and coding. We continually incorporate technology updates to give our clients efficient, user friendly solutions.

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Transcription Solutions

From total medical transcription outsourcing to backlog and overflow recovery, Chase Transcriptions provides a customized transcription solution around your facility’s needs.

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Advantages of Choosing Chase

Reliable transcription and coding 24 hours a day is our number one goal. We have over thirty five years of professional experience and provide unmatched support and account management.

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Over 99.8% Accuracy

Chase Transcriptions has a strong reputation for quality transcription, coding, and on time performance. We provide over 99.8% accuracy and customized turn around times for our clients.

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Chase routinely saves clients 20%-30% on
Clinical Documentation Expenses!

Medical Transcription & Coding Services

Chase Transcriptions is a full service medical transcription and coding company that has been serving the healthcare industry since 1980. Our services range from complete transcription and coding outsourcing to backlog relief and overflow support. Additionally, Chase Transcriptions offers speech recognition editing as well as Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC). We customize a complete solution around your business processes including hardware and software for seamless, accurate clinical documentation.


Reliable transcription 24 hours a day is our number one goal. We have over thirty five years of professional experience in medical transcription and provide unmatched support and account management.

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Our medical coding services address the challenges healthcare providers face, while optimizing revenue & minimizing compliance risks. Outsourcing your medical coding to Chase increases cash flow and improves claims submission.

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Increase utilization of your EMR systems while giving physicians back more patient volume & face time. If your physicians embrace the concept and benefits of EMR adoption, but have become frustrated with losing their face to face…

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We offer industry leading speech recognition editing services. Our front and back end speech recognition with intuitive, user friendly technology, provides accuracy and are compatible with most systems.

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Chase is Growing again and currently seeking experienced Clinical Documentation Sales Consultants.
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